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I’ve been sick this past weekend trying to recover from some virus which is wreaking havoc on my household (my husband and daughter are sick as well). My neighbor who came to visit my daughter yesterday mentioned that I should drink some Te Asosi (it’s healing powers are legendary in Haiti). But of course I didn’t have any in my arsenal (my grandmother would disown me if she ever knew), but thankfully he did and brought me some this morning.

Disclamer: as with any new medicine, please consult with your doctor before using.

Here’s a little bit about Te Asosi.

English name: Bitter melon/Bitterweed/bitter gourd, leaves.

Scientific name: Momordica Charantia L.
Family: Cucurbitaceae

In Ayiti, Te Asosi, is used for the treatment of many things: impotence, anemia, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and some digestive problems. Boiling the leaves and using it as a topical treatment promotes wound healing.  It kills cancer cells, viruses (What I’m hoping it’s doing for me), bacteria and promotes lactation in nursing mothers. It has also been shown to induce menstruation, so pregnant women should avoid it.

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