About Us

My goal for Manje Manje is to showcase the beauty of diversity of Haitian, Caribbean, and African cuisine. The foods that I post here are the meals that I cook for myself and my family. I love to cook, experiment, and mix and match different styles of cooking. The food from the African diaspora isn’t very well represented in the media and I hope to one day change that!

4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Farah Burke said:

    This blog is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to share the beauty and deliciousness of Haitian, Caribbean and African Cuisine. Just one quick note: in the about us section you spell “represented” wrong. you have an “n” that should not be there. I would hate for the blog to get negative criticism because I absolutely love it.

    Happy Cooking and thanks for sharing some great recipes!

  2. I stumbled upon this website via lhcf…:) I’m just a visitor in that site!
    ANYWHO! You from Haiti apparently, where in Ayiti you from? I’m from Cap-Haitian…
    I love my rice n beans and I’ll be following this blog for a LONG time!!

    You speak Creole?! I could use the practice, there’s not many Haitians where I’m at…

    • Hi Nanane,
      Sorry for the extremely late response, I’ve been neglecting this blog a little. Yes, I speak Kreyol fluently (I was born in port-au-prince). I would love to help you practice, just let me know what you need help with. Thanks!

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