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Current Regimen

My hair regimen has always been very simple. When went natural it was to cut back the amount of time that I spent on styling my hair and of course to be free of the harsh relaxers. When I first did the Big Chop, I would cowash every morning. That went on for about 2 years until my hair become too long for cowashing every day (of course wet shoulders in the winter time wasn’t fun). Like many new naturals I faced issues with dryness, single strand knots, and being style challenged didn’t help make the situation any better. Now, more than 4 years after I big chopped I can say that I’m at a good place in my hair journey. My hair is healthy and long. I’m still style “challenged” but I can get away with since I can do some pretty neat buns.

This is what my hair looked like right after the big chop:

This is my hair last year (2011):

  • Shampoo
  • Apply reconstructor (leave on for 30 minutes), rinse
  • Deep condition (leave on for 30 minutes), rinse
  • Apply conditioner (I like assuie moist)

To Straighten

  • Apply avocado butter to my damp hair then blow dry
  • Part hair into 4 sections then flat iron (I use 1″ sections).

7 thoughts on “Hair & Lifestyle”

  1. Very Inspiring!

  2. Gorgeous!

  3. what is your updated picture today??? I see a pic on LHCF and I wanted to know if you are HL now???

    • I know this response is super late but I’m actually not hip length. I’ve been taking off a few inches every few months. I’m thinking about maintaining at mid-back or waist length at the longest.

  4. Will you do a hair update with pictures soon? You are one of my hair inspirations!!!

  5. Good! Trying to regrow my hair to your length now after horrible hairdressers ruined mine.. Looking good!

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